About Modeled IP Targeting

One-to-One Marketing At The Household Level

The Most Accurate Targeting Method

El Toro’s patented Modeled IP Targeting technology makes it possible to match customer IP addresses with their physical address with location-specific accuracy. With this knowledge, we can target your specific customer by serving them digital banner and display ads without having to use cookies or other geo-location tools.

modled ip targeting

Our Products

Below, you will find some of El Toro's products stemming from our patented IP Targeting algorithm.

Modeled IP Targeting

Our patented 100% cookie-free technology makes utilizes datasets easily and effectively to deliver ads directly to consumers. The Modeled IP Targeting algorithm does this by determining the IP address of a customer and matching it directly to their physical address. This method of targeting is the prime choice for digital advertising with a 95% or greater confidence level.

Captive Audience

In an Account Based Marketing format, Captive Audience targets venues instead of households. Advertisers are able to generate a B2B clientele by targeting popular locations such as colleges, trade shows, conventions, hotels, airports and military bases. From this data, we then map the IP address of these client dense locations and serve digital ads to prospect visited websites while at the chosen venue.

Digital New Movers

Most purchase decisions are made within that 30 day period before or after moving. By selecting the ZIP code, city, and/or state you want to target, Pre-Movers, Escrows, or Post-Movers can be targeted while actively looking for new places to shop and vendors to buy from. By entering monthly impressions and uploaded creatives, our system connects advertisers to consumers in hours instead of weeks.

Venue Replay (Geo-Framing)

Venue replay allows you to capture people’s device IDs at high value locations though Geo-Framing, a technology created by El Toro. This enables you to advertise to this high valued audience. By mapping a large area, we are able to identify any type of device after they leave a venue, and continue to target their home network with digital banner ads throughout all of their devices. Learn more about the use case in Sports Marketing with the Jurich Group.

Reverse Append

El Toro creates value from your sites anonymous visitors’ IP addresses and runs them through our “reverse append” algorithm determining their physical home or office address. We take digital breadcrumbs created by web visitors allowing our print partners to turn it into a physical mail piece delivered to a prospect’s home within 48-72 hours of their web visit.

Digital Canvassing

By combining El Toro mapping and Modeled IP Targeting technologies, reach your client’s neighbors with hyper accuracy. When you provide us with a list of names, addresses, and zip codes of your existing clients, Digital Canvassing allows us to identify IP addresses of homes within a relative distance of intersections to determine other houses to serve ads to.

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